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RockFest 08
The weekend of October 25th, a legend was reborn. After 24 years, the band Toast reunited for an afternoon of laughs, pizza and rock and roll. Most of what we played were single take songs from our past. In addition to Toast, a few friends who played with us in high school bands took part in the momentus event.

The lineup was:

Michael Bergman: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Bob O'Bannon: Lead Guitar, Drums
Jeff Horne: Bass, Lead Vocals
Frank West: Drums, Guitar
John McCurdy: Drums
Greg Pilcher: Electronic Drums, Accordion
Greg Gagliano: Cool Line6 Amp and occasional Guitar
Randy Sharp: Moral Support

We were rusty but things came together so quickly that we were all very pleased with the results. I Will Follow and I Can't Explain were right on the first time through. We played a number of original songs to varying degrees of success. Included were Rumbledown, Don't Fall In Love and The Boats. We also played In The City, Out Of Control, Radio Free Europe, Rock and Roll, Communication Breakdown, I Melt With You, My Generation and many others.

Rehearsal started at 12:00 and ran until 7pm. We were exhausted at the end but many laughs and stories were shared by all.

Frank filmed a large amount of it and Michael audio recorded a good deal of it. As material becomes available, it will be posted on this website. There are some photos on the JHW gallery.

We had so much fun, we instantly declared it should be a yearly event as we loaded up the equipment.

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